Problem in EPMSync2007 set up


When i do Field mapping in EPM sync configuration editor it's shows follwing exceptions- "Object reference not set to an object" and "Unable to get attributes list and custom fields to display."
Even when i try to select exclude project gives this error - "error reading project list from project server." and add a trace file(notepad file) at the saving path of EPMsync installion files with follwing texts-
"Microsoft.Office.Project.EPMSync.Service.SyncThread.SystemRunning, 2008-03-04T11:32:00, Project Server / Portfolio Server is running."
"Microsoft.Office.Project.EPMSync.Service.SyncThread.InitializeData, 2008-03-04T11:32:05, An exception occured initializing the service. Exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary. "
I checked the database connnection and project server url it's running well.
Please provide some suggestions.

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